Huatulco Mexico

The Princess literature described Huatulco as a seaside resort in the 1980’s, but its history goes back 2,500 years.  The village sits in a small bay in southern Mexico, as part of Mexico’s largest ecological reserve. Besides its sandy beaches, it offers access to interior explorations, including the ruins of a significant pre-Columbian civilization, the Mixtec, dating to 500 B.C.

In the morning, we took the short walk from the pier to the shops and restaurants along the beach and stopped for some local beer. In the afternoon, we took a snorkeling trip to the next bay. Despite the rowdy swells causing a few fellow snorkelers some discomfort, we enjoyed seeing the beautiful fish along the reef. The second part of the trip brought us to a much quieter bay with much more to see. One could come back to Huatulco for a week or two and enjoy the beach, do some exploring, and relax